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We're a close team of creative professionals, who work together with large retailers to create a unique shopping experience where we can demonstrate our clients products and services to their customers.

Creative Approach

Our In-Store Marketing campaigns create a unique shopping experience where customers can see our clients products and services live in store.

We're Growing

Jazzy Management Group works hand in hand with some of the largest home entrainment companies inside the largest retailers

Award Winning Results

From our clients to our management team Jazzy Management Group has been apart of winning some of the most prestigious awards in our industry.

Why Choose Jazzy Management Group

You’ve worked hard to build your brand. You’ve spent countless hours protecting it and making sure every detail was handled exactly the way you wanted. From the way you deal with certain situations to how you interact with customers. The last thing you would want to do is deploy a marketing team who doesn’t have the same values to deal face to face with your customers.

At Jazzy Management Group we know how important your brand is. With our Fortune 500 client base Jazzy Management Group works just as hard as you do at protecting your brand. We make sure each and every customer we come in contact with has an amazing experience.

Direct Mail has less than a 3.4% ROI
50% of Americans are on a Do Not Call List
Door-to-door sales jobs are expected to decline %18 by 2018
97% of American households have at least one TV.

In the Press

Jazzy Management Group Inc. Takes Their Success from 2015 Into The New Year!

Van Nuys, CA -- (Market wired - Jan 29, 2016)
Jazzy Management Group Incorporated has exceeded their expectations for this past year, and the marketing firm has even bigger plans for the 2016 year. The established marketing firm relocated their head office from Seattle, WA to Van Nuys, CA during the middle of 2015 while continuing to gain new clientele and diversify the products and services they offer to customers. Jazzy MGI currently has 10 branches and expanded into four new markets last year, now planning to double their growth in 2016.

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Los Angeles Company Ready for Explosive Fourth Quarter, Jazzy Management Group Makes Plans to Continue to Expand

Van Nuys, CA -- (Market wired - Sep 24, 2015)
Weathering the storm of the tumultuous economy of the past is an imperative skill that most businesses have been forced to acquire over the past few years. Jazzy Management Group, Inc. has navigated through the choppy seas and accelerated to clear waters, this company has continued to flourish and expand in a market that seemed to be endlessly downsizing. JMGI has led the direct marketing field in areas such as customer service, product branding, sales and the acquisition of new clientele for their top Fortune 500 companies.

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Company Achievements

"Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.”- Andy Rooney

Management Promotions

Territories Covered

National Retailers

Team Members

Our Team

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”- Andrew Carnegie

Team Member

Jason Devlin is from the Bay Area, California. He served his country in the US Navy and graduated from ITT Tech in 2002. Jason has a background in Solar Energy, Airplane Mechanics and Alternative Eco-friendly Housing. He currently resides in the San Fernando Valley with his two sons and wife.

Jason Devlin


Team Member

James Alvarez, Assistant Manager for Jazzy MGI, began his career with the company July 2015. His six years of experience in executive protection and estate management helped him become an asset in the company. Born in the Bay Area, he moved to the Island of Guam before settling down in the LA Area.

James Alvarez


Team Member

Maiden Garcia is a corporate trainer for Jazzy Management. Her strong overall skillset is composed primarily of training and developing individuals to maximize their growth and overall potential. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business administration: Marketing at San Francisco State University. She strongly believes that she can utilize this business to help her reach her lifetime goal.

Maiden Garcia

Corporate Trainer

If you are talented, highly motivated, hardworking, passionate about your work and want to join our team...

In-Store Marketing

Product Demonstration

Our team of in-store marketing experts can bring your brand to life inside some of the largest retailers in the world. Our team demonstrates our clients products and services to their target audience inside these retail giants.

Customer Retention

Through our years of experience we have learned that most customers who are upset are just customer who are misinformed. Our team can help answer any questions and point customers in the right direction.

Customer Acquisitions

When you combine the education and demonstration our marketing team performs we are able to close the customer on our clients' products and services at the height of impulse.

Jazzy Management Group

Management Training Program

Our management training program offers our team an opportunity to learn our business model from the ground up and provides an opportunity for people to grow into a management position.

  • 100% Promotion From Within

    Establishes a company culture that nurtures talent and promotes high-performing employees on the basis of merit.

  • Unlimited Growth Potential

    Every person in our organization, no matter their background, has an amazing potential for growth and change.

  • High Earning Potential

    Our employees experience an environment where their earning potential is uncapped.

  • Fortune 500 Clients

    Our portfolio has expanded to the leaders in home entertainment and we represent them inside the biggest retailers in the world.

  • Merit Based Promotions

    Our merit-based program provides our employees with incentives and the ability to receive promotions without favoritism.

  • Competitive Atmosphere

    Growth comes out of a healthy, competitive atmosphere, not trying to choose a particular path forward.

Lets face it! The times have changed and many of the old forms of marketing are not successful anymore. In today's new age of technology, your marketing campaigns require a new way of reaching and grabbing your audiences attention. At Jazzy Management Group, we have developed many successful marketing campaigns that can reach your ideal customers where it matters most.

Jazzy Management Group works hand-in-hand with some of the biggest retailers in the world. We offer their customers a unique shopping experience engaging the customer in learning about our client’s various products and services. We also give each customer the right information to help make the best decision for his or her family. These campaigns happen in-store and dramatically increase sales for our clients’ products and services.

If you are talented, highly motivated, hardworking, passionate about your work and want to join our team...

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